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While there are many ways to describe jewelry, one important term is not mentioned in this article nor any other source that I could find: gender-based marketing. This article will talk about why it’s harmful and how you can avoid it if you make your own jewelry or want to get into selling jewelry.

I would like to add two things before we begin. First, just because something has been done for a long time does not mean it is okay! As much as people may feel “too educated” on sexism and gender-biased advertising, some individuals still hold sexist beliefs.

Second, while educating others is definitely an important task, don’t forget to educate yourself too! Read more about sexism and advertisements to learn more about what goes on in the world of marketing and branding.

Now let’s dive into why gender-focused marketing is harmful and how to stay away from it when designing or selling jewellery.

History of the diamond trade

d jewelry mark

The history of the jewelry industry is not short. It spans several thousand years, making it one of the longest lasting marketplaces in the world. Since its inception, people have gathered precious metals and stones to show off their wealth and status.

In ancient times, wealthy individuals would gather up large amounts of gold to make decorations or settings for their sacred objects. These decorations were often shaped like leaves, which gave rise to the term “diamond shape”.

The Phoenicians are usually credited with introducing the concept of gemstone setting when they made earrings out of diamonds. This eventually spread across Eurasia and Africa, where many cultures incorporated gems into their art and religion.

During this time period, India was known to produce some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that remain popular today. Many believe these jewels were crafted using cutting techniques that are still used in modern-day jewelry production.

The Europeans began trading expensive pearls and emeralds for other minerals such as silver and platinum. Once these metals became scarce, people started incorporating gilt (gold paint) onto cheaper materials. In England, the use of gilding allowed jewelers to create what we know now as the classic Victorian style.

With the discovery of abundant sources of copper and silver overseas, less valuable gems took on new importance. People saved the more costly gems to be invested in later, helping set the stage for the jewelry industry we have today.

Who is the best ever?

d jewelry mark

A lot of people consider Anastasia Beverly Hills to be one of the greatest beauty brands out there. With their huge variety of products, they have been achieving success for quite some time now!

Their professional level makeup brushes are incredible, with many being marketed as “the ultimate way to perfect your looking” or “the way professionals use these tools to achieve flawless looks.

The biggest diamond ever mined

d jewelry mark

The Guinness World Record for largest fancy (non-priceless) diamond is a 594 carat, cushion shape gem that was cut into a rectangular brilliant setting and mounted onto platinum. It is currently owned by an anonymous buyer and will remain in private hands.

The name “Eskimo” Diamond comes from the Baffin Island tribe of indigenous people who found it in 1897 while they were looking for sea ice to harvest food. They called it after the long streamers attached to each side which resemble ribbons made of diamonds.

While this may sound like pure luck, there are theories about how the stone came to be exposed. Geologists believe heavy snowfall melted some ice layers covering the larger stone. Or perhaps waves carried it ashore when large storms battered the area at the time.

Because it is such a big size, experts say that due to its weight, the internal pressure can cause the diamond to fracture or even split. This happened several times during cutting as the diamond gets heavier and thicker.

It also took quite a bit of energy to bring down the center of gravity so much that cracks eventually formed everywhere else.

The famous diamond rings

d jewelry mark

Most people know about the classic band style wedding bands that have a row of diamonds across the finger, but there are many other styles to choose from! These include circle or cushion-style engagement rings, drop earrings, and even add-on jewelry like anklets or bracelet/ring combos.

Many people refer to these types of jewellery as “diamond jewelry” because they contain at least one diamond (or sometimes several). But what makes this jewel truly special is not just its beauty, it is also the quality of the gem.

Only use freshwater sources for your jewelry; do not soak or swim with them. If you find there is some tarnishing occurring, take extra care in how wet the stone is to prevent it. Cleaning your jewelry can be done using good rubbing alcohol or warm water and a soft cloth. Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners as they may damage the setting or surface of the ring!

Sadly, while most diamonds are found naturally, some are manufactured through unethical practices. Choosing responsibly sourced jewels will help limit the negative impacts of mining on local environments and on individual health.

As we all want our loved ones to look beautiful forever, consider giving them some diamond jewelry for an anniversary gift or birthday present. Even if you don't spend much money on yourself, there are often cost-effective alternatives such as trinkets or matching pieces.

Diamonds are a girls best friend

d jewelry mark

As we know, diamonds are the most popular gemstone color. They never seem to lose their luster for other colors. This is because of two things: they are very expensive and people associate them with being beautiful.

Many cultures have used and still use diamonds in religious ceremonies. This has made them valuable as well. Even if you aren’t looking to spend a large amount of money, buying a nice diamond ring or necklace is worth it!

There are many different ways to find out what size diamond would look good on you. There are some jewelry stores that will help you pick your favorite piece and tell you about how much it cost so you can compare like sizes.

Some of the more creative jewelry designers make similar rings but in different shapes and styles.

The different types of diamonds

d jewelry mark

There are eight main categories of diamond jewelry, depending on what shape they come in and what qualities you want them to have.

These include round, square, cushion shaped, marquise, emerald, bridal set, and heart-shaped diamonds.

Each one of these shapes has their own special name that describes how they look. A white or light shade of diamond will always be considered more valuable than a darker colored stone.

General rule is that the longer the diamond’s lifespan, the higher its value.

Tells a story

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While jewelry may seem like an expensive way to show off your unique style, it is not as costly as you might think! Many consider creating their own jewelry to be a hobby, if not a career path. All of those beautiful pieces that you make yourself are designed to tell a story.

Most people begin by buying a pre-made necklace or bracelet and then adding onto it with additional charms or stones. By investing in quality materials and teamwork, anyone can create fun and interesting necklaces and bracelets that express who you are.

Many use special tools to cut and shape metals and jewels, so always invest in good ones so that you will never have to worry about how to complete a task. The best brands are durable and won’t break easily, making them worthy investments.

Many designers add personal touches to their products to give them extra value. These include engraved initials, pictures, and even stories. A popular way to do this is through earrings – a pair of dangling diamonds say “I love my life”, for example.

But what happens when one loses or breaks these jewels? Luckily, there are many resources available to get you new jewellery! Most jewelers offer budget-friendly alternatives or exact copies of what you had before.

How to pick a diamond

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When it comes down to it, there are two main things that determine the price of a diamond. The first is its carat weight. A higher carat weight means more expensive, as you have to invest more in a lower density stone.

A one-carat diamond will be much cheaper than a one-and-a-half or even two-carat diamond! However, they won’t cost very much at all because people tend to assume that bigger diamonds must be better quality.

This isn’t always the case though, as we can now tell how many imperfections a diamond has. Due to this, some stones that seem quite big may not be worth as much as people think.

The second factor when buying a diamond is its color. As with most things related to jewelry, white is usually the favorite hue. Even if you don’t like whites, you should still look into them since they are pretty popular.

However, just like with cars, some colors are hotter than others. Red diamonds are considered rare, for example, which makes them more valuable. On the other hand, green and blue diamonds are rather common so they command a less rich tone.


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