How Are Luxury Bags Made

It's quite a process

Ever wondered how high-end lux handbags are made? We certainly have!

Luxury handbags will cost you a lot of money. I don’t expect everyone to have a luxury handbag.

By the way, before I forget – if you want to learn about what exactly it means to be in the "one percent" and be able to get all sorts of awesome handbags, check out this article we made on the subject.

But for now, we'll continue– if you are a buyer in the market for a luxury handbag, you’ll probably be very interested in reading in continuing on to see some of the more abstract steps that come along with making them.

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Tools and tricks of the trade

For this article, we've compiled a list of some key manufacturing methods and design choices that go into some of our favorite luxury handbags.

Something to keep in mind is that, when it comes to handmade luxury bags, even two versions of the same bag by the same brand may have slight differences as far as stitching, dimensions, colors, etc.

The reality is that it's very difficult to make the same exact bag twice. But you shouldn't really mind.

Having a bag with slight variations from another is part of the appeal of lux accessories, after all.

Handbag labels

Labeling from classic handbag makers like Birkin Bags and Chanel, but also inexpensive new handbag makers like Sun Coasters, have proven to be valuable in the creation process of a bag.

Any organic material can be used as a brand's trademark (e.g., oak leaf, fig leaves), but one of the most lucrative ways is using numbered or stamped stamping to register a name. This creates unique intellectual property for the brand.

Handbag opacity

Also in order to protect the brand and create an impression of authenticity, some luxury bags are made opaque. For example, Chanel makes every purse opaque so it can look better on display in an expensive department store. Other materials used to make a bag opaque include nylon, fibreglass, or plastic.

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Materials on bags matter!

Traditional fabrics

Some luxury handbags, like Chanel's iconic 500, are made of leather. Others are made of suede or other synthetic materials.

These materials may be highly expensive, but can be reused over and over again, saving an enormous amount of money in production costs.

On the other hand, almost all other luxury handbag makers save money by using traditional materials.

Fiber manufacturing

Some luxury handbags, like the famous Hermès Birkin, are made of many different materials. One of the most common materials is foam, which is usually made of polyurethane foam, a type of polyurethane.

To produce the parts that make up a luxury handbag, hundreds of this kind of foam are molded into a shape and then assembled into a one-of-a-kind handbag.

Ceramic manufacturing

More exotic luxury handbags, like the Hermes Birkin handbag, are made of hand-blown or cast glass.

Glass is porous, making it easy to manipulate. To fashion a handbag with a genuine look, glass must be reinforced with silicone or rubber to prevent breakage.

Different materials may be used to make a handbag according to the tastes of the manufacturer.

However, glass and ceramic are among the most common materials.

Laser cutting

To produce a bag that combines multiple materials, some designers use laser-cut leather.

This creates a multi-layered bag that looks almost three-dimensional. The laser also cuts the leather to the exact size that the handbag will take.

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Cork stitching

To create a completely unique bag, one designer may use classic methods of stitched material, but with a unique twist.

For example, classic canvas bags may be stitched with cotton, but others may be stitched with cork.

To achieve a polished look, the cork material is softened and the edges of the cork have a little tassel attached. These knots hold a paper in place and give the appearance of more stitching.

The same technique can be used with other materials.

Brass and tungsten

A handful of luxury handbags, like the $4,300 Chanel Large Shopping Bag, may have precious metals embedded in them. In some cases, these materials provide not only color, but also a timeless feeling to the piece.

Gold plating

For another elegant and classic look, a designer may use gold plating, which is one of the most expensive methods of creating a handbag. This process is also time-consuming and requires skill to perfect. Most high-end bags feature some level of gold plating.

Navy Boxes

A couple of high-end handbags, like the Hermès Birkin, feature incredibly large, padded, purse-style linings. The interior of the bags is enclosed in an enclosure made of heavy duty nylon. These special bags are used by many celebrities to store all of their expensive belongings.

Hand Drying

For a luxury handbag to stand out, the bag must look attractive on the inside as well as the outside. Some bags, like the Jonathan Adler Victoria, are lined with another fabric: a thin, padded, plastic material



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