How Much Is A Luxury Porta Potty

Are there such things as luxury porta potties? The answer is in fact, yes, there are!

In this article we'll discuss just how expensive it can be to rent some of these luxury porta potties and talk about why the costs vary from company to company and city to city.

It's a fair question: "Aren't porta potties used to carry people's piss, poop, and water?" Indeed, Porta-Potty technology has come a long way over the last decade and some even go so far as to include massage beds.

(In the absence of a specific list of those that do exist, we opted for well-regarded national chains, mostly based in the Northeastern U.S., that offer porta-potties for rent.)

Who rents porta potties?

Among those who pay a premium to rent a luxury porta-potty, are higher-end hotels, car services, event organizers, dog walkers, limo drivers, pest control service professionals, restaurants, private parks and beaches, and many other small- to mid-sized businesses.

Paying a premium can result in a significantly different experience for the client. Consider the difference between calling a limousine driver to take you to the airport and having one of your employees do it for $50 per week.

You have to put up with the car service being late or more often than not, you're stuck in traffic during rush hour, but your travel is quicker, there's no worries about not getting a seat or overheating in the summer sun, and you pay about half the price. What's not to love?

What might an airport limo driver charge for the service of putting up the porta-potty on his property?

How much is a porta potty?Blue public toilets

Porta-potties like these that are rented out at multiple airports in California cost $150 per week. That's about $1,750 for a month.

Is that worth it? How does renting a luxury porta-potty compare?

These higher-end porta potties all feature built-in electric wall heaters, retractable shades, and heaters that turn on when someone opens the door. Some even have a TV.

The overall experience, though, is very different than the experience that a limo driver provides. One key advantage of a luxury porta-potty is that it offers someone to do a complete cleaning and sanitation of the toilet area, removing waste and emptying the waste buckets into the appropriate holding containers.

The companies offering these services claim to go so far as to arrange to have pest control professionals come to perform their own visits. If you have a business that is consistently being visited by rodents and other pests, then renting a luxury porta-potty may not be for you, but for the businesses that don't have to deal with rodents and those that do have to deal with them and are interested in having someone else do the dirty work for them, it might be a good option.

We made a list of typical porta-potty rental rates, as seen in this page on, but prices vary dramatically from one location to another. Companies can also offer porta-potties on a limited basis.

The rates quoted on the page are for flat-rate rentals, and include all material, labor, and incidental expenses (including cleaning) for the first week. They also include a charge for a commercial-grade portable toilet that needs to be checked in at the departure gate to ensure that it hasn't been used.

Other companies don't have this arrangement. They will rent a paltry three porta-potties for a weekend wedding in a hotel and then leave.

No cost for cleaning, though, is charged.

Hiring a porter to help bring the portable toilets to a location isn't the only option, however. A company named Road America is located in Wisconsin, about an hour from Chicago, and offers custom-built porta-potties for rental at $7,500 per week (not including the rental fee).

This location has four porta-potties that include a toilet seat, a wall heater, a TV, and a toilet seat covers. Rental options include one, two, or three toilets.

What would you do with these services for your business if you had the opportunity? Would you want to have a professional do it for you?

Why rent a porta potty?Portable toilets on the street in Madrid for a festival.

You might be wondering, "why rent a luxury porta potty then?" For one thing, porta potties can be expensive to rent.

There is the obvious reason: they are a luxury. So the question that must be answered here is: "Why is it that some porta potties cost over $200 and others are over $300?"

The answer is simply this: cost of materials.

First, let's consider the materials that are commonly used to construct the urinals. Porta potties need to have an arch-support which is usually attached to the wall or is movable.

These potties need to have an in-door water supply that is installed directly inside the door of the restroom, and a flush button for each stall (this is important for the safety of customers and the owners of the building).

A couple of the larger models have electricity, so you can flush the urinal with the touch of a button.

Next, we must look at the cost of the fixtures that make up the urinals and toilets. A toilet requires a little more than a simple toilet seat.

In order to make the toilet toilet-like, it needs to have a hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl that allows the water to drain out of the bowl into the sewer system. This is called a trap door.

The traditional toilet is a variety of porcelain, but you can find vinyl-like toilets that are made of plastic and stainless steel. The floor of the toilet bowl also must be in good condition and sealed.

Some porcelain toilets come with a solid top, while others have a slide-out seat that you remove by inserting a small coin into a slot. Lastly, the toilet bowl must be waterproof.

This means that it must have a water tight seal around it so that water can't seep inside and create a mold problem. It should also be resistant to UV light and be able to resist rust. The cost of these types of toilets can be from $200 to $300.

The cost of the urinal is a little easier to determine. It requires a flat surface (no high-porcelain ceiling required), a water supply, a flush button, and a flushing mechanism. The cost of these urinals is a little over $100.

The extra cost for the flush valve can be anywhere from $5 to $50, depending on the model.

Conclusionportable toilets, outdoors, events

As you can see, it can cost a lot of money to construct a small boutique-style restroom. While it may be "luxury" to have these amenities, it's also true that they are not necessary.

And so many owners simply get by with what they have, knowing that they will eventually need to replace those costly items one day.


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