How Much Is Luxury Toilet Hire

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This article will discuss how much luxury toilet hire is and the type of toilet you can hire.

If you are a frequent toilet user in your home you may be wondering how much luxury toilet hire is actually costing you. Toilet hire is extremely common across many residential developments. It is usually charged per toilet or space.

The service is usually offered by the same company as the one delivering the flooring.

Each property may vary slightly in the total amount of toilet hire charge. However, it is commonly found that it costs around £80 to £100 per month to use luxury toilet hire services.

What is a luxury toilet hire?

Luxury toilet hire is when you get a fully fitted, branded, premium toilet with a sanitary towel dispenser and tissue paper, as well as a towel cup and ceramic flusher. Luxury toilets also usually come with a cover, LED lighting, and mirrors.

Why choose luxury toilet hire?

Luxury bathroom with stand up shower, jacuzzi and his and hers sinks. Bright Sunny day.

One of the main reasons luxury toilet hire is so popular is the facilities it provides. In most cases there is more than one toilet available to rent and it's available in a separate room to your main bathroom.

This is ideal if you have guests who prefer privacy when taking a shower or have a full bathroom without access to the loo.

The other main reason luxury toilet hire is so popular is because it offers a cleaner loo. This is important because the actual toilet is probably in need of a tidy.

If you have guests, this is important for their comfort and privacy.

Another reason luxury toilet hire is popular is the offer of cleaning and maintenance on top of the basic toilet hire service. For example, you may have to have your toilet clean and polished once a month, or even twice.

But if you pay for luxury toilet hire, you'll have this service included in your monthly rate.

Another common reason you may want to pay for luxury toilet hire is the protection it gives you. Perhaps you've rented a property and the house is haunted.

Or perhaps you're in a family-friendly property where you do not want to have children running around the house. If you have a luxury toilet hire in place, you'll be covered and protected.

Of course, you can always choose to do things yourself. However, the problems with this are time, effort and money.

It takes around two hours to hire a luxury toilet. If you try to do the work yourself, you may end up ruining the new floor or cracking the bathroom door.

Luxury toilet hire chargesThe Newsport

The charges for luxury toilet hire differ depending on your location. If you live in the outskirts of a town or city, you may be charged much more for the same service.

There is also the added cost of delivery of the toilet hire.

If you are in the UK, then delivery fees are also different. In this case, you'll need to add the costs to your flat owner's charge sheet.

But if you live in the US then you may be able to include the costs of delivery in your home owner's insurance.

Types of luxury toilet hires you can choose fromNo concert tonight at the park… The pods were neatly aligned against the dark tree background with the rich purple sky on top. Had to capture that moment.

Waffle Toilet

Waffle Toilets are twin loo seats which work on an electric motor. They have three seat settings and have the usual sanitary towel, flusher and back-up power points.

You can also get it with a cuppa, fruit, or even a magazine or mobile phone charger if you wish.

Waffle Toilets cost around £20 to hire from Grand Canal Hotel in Ireland and the Hotel X in London.

Luxury toilet seat

Luxury toilet deat is a pure quality seat with a heated seat which offers a massage, loo seat, power supply, water supply and a new detergent to make the toilet feel like it has just been cleaned.

It costs around £35 to hire from Claridges Hotel.

Ultra-classic toilet

A 'Superluxury Toilet' features a built-in soap dish for your hand to store your toiletries and a flower vase on the wall. It also has a charge controller, soap dispenser and flusher.

It is a fantastic quality toilet which you can hire for £30 from The Connaught in London.

You can also get a luxurious toilet, which is very popular in the Maldives, at the Xacuti Hotel for £30.

Green luxury toilet

Green luxury toilets are the only luxury toilet that uses Ecover toilet cleaner, making them one of the most eco-friendly luxury toilets available.

They can be hired from the Bermondsey Backpackers for £15.

Bathroom Ware

Bathroom Ware is a huge company which stocks a huge range of private bathrooms.

They sell full suites, cottages, garden showers and the perfect 'single ensuite' en suite bathroom from £75 for a double room, and £130 for a double room.

The Boxer Toilet Seat

The Boxer Toilet Seat is a Premium toilet seat which was originally designed to accommodate a boxer.

It can be hired for £20 from Henry Street Hotel in Ireland.

Turkish Befana toilet

The Turkish Befana toilet is not to be confused with the Befana Fairy, a Syrian folktale character who collects children's toys and sweets from their bedrooms before Christmas Eve.

It is a ceramic coated seat, designed in Turkey and it costs £80 to hire from the Connaught in London.

Cultural support toilet

This is a great option if you are travelling with a young family. It has a computer, jack in/jack out white noise generator, car charger, sound system and a sanitary towel dispenser.

You can hire it from the House of Fraser for £15.

Cape Locks Toilet

A distinctive toilet seat which comes with an extra special surprise - it sings when it's activated.

It costs £30 to hire from the Oak Room in Claridge's for a dinner.

Luxury toilet hire offers a lot of benefits. You can choose from a wide selection of top quality toilets in various colors and designs. And if you have a particular design in mind, it will take time to find something similar to your request.

You may also have to wait for a few weeks to get your toilet cleaned and polished. It will be worth the effort though, in the long run.


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