How Much To Hire A Luxury Car In Dubai

Dubai is one of the best cities situated within the United Arab Emirates. It is known for its luxury shopping malls, extremely wild night life activities, ultramodern architecture, as well as the surprising number of super cars in the area.

A lot of people ask the same question over and over again: Why are there so many super cars in Dubai?

Super car surge explained

Seeing super cars is normal in Dubai. Even government officials use super cars. Sometimes, even official government vehicles are super cars.

The Dubai Police force invested in luxury cars to match their green and white patrol cruisers. Now, they drive Bugattis, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis.

Because of the high standard of living in Dubai, many people are forced to purchase luxury cars to keep their image. Luxury cars are a status symbol, which means you are immediately viewed as rich when you drive one.

Rent a luxury car in DubaiBurj Al Arab, Dubai

If you’re in Dubai for a vacation, you need to experience everything, and this includes the chance to drive a super car. Since many people are visiting Dubai to experience a luxurious lifestyle, businesses have made it possible for visitors to rent a luxury car.

Dubai car hire services are very high in quality, and sometimes, you will spend more on car hire services than your accommodation. Car hire agencies provide you with rental cars like Mercedes, BMW, or any other luxury car brands.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary from one agency to another, and you can hire a luxury car that costs approximately 100k dhs to 400k dhs. You can make a call to get your own car.

Make sure that it is as per the recommendations of the agent, and you will be able to rent a luxury car in Dubai for reasonable rates.

The final price depends on the model of the car you rent. It also depends on the quality of the vehicle and the number of days you need the car.

Whether you want to rent it for 2 days or 5, the price will always vary. For example, if you want a car for two days, you can hire a luxury car for 120k dhs, whereas if you need a car for 5 days, you can hire one for 120k dhs to 240k dhs.

For a long time, luxury car rental has been a hidden luxury in Dubai, but recently there are several car rental agencies who provide luxury car hire services. It is more rampant now more than ever.

In the United Arab Emirates, the average high-end car in Dubai is worth over $1 million, which makes it a great choice for a vacation rental or a holiday rental.

Vanderbilt is the most expensive car rental in Dubai, and this can be for any amount and any model. Most well-known car rental companies such as Claridge, Al Tayer, and Meridien are also great options for luxury car rentals in Dubai.

Here are a few more places which offer luxury car rentals in Dubai:

  • Vanderbilt Airport: $1,990
  • Dubai Marina: $1,690
  • Suite Hotel: $1,195
  • Meridien: $1,110
  • Claridge: $1,081
  • Al Tayer: $950
  • Al Futtaim: $950
  • Armani Hotel: $880
  • Accor: $825

Upgrade your car for a feeblack sports car with open door parking near building

Rental companies also have other upgrades on top of the car rental, and the rates are usually much cheaper.

For example, if you want to rent a McLaren F1, you will have to pay $18,000 for two hours and more. But if you want to rent a Mercedes G55 AMG, you will have to pay $7,000 for two hours and more.

You can also get the car for two hours for just $1,400 if you choose the right one.

There are also services that will help you rent a car for a specific price.

Some car rentals charge you extra money to change the color, unlike a car rental where the price includes a private car. If you need to rent a color of a rental car in Dubai, you have to pay extra because this is a requirement.

Dubai and Dubai rental car services such as Sovereign are doing an amazing job in this regard.

Why Dubai and not someplace else?I stayed at the 5-star Address, Dubai Marina, Dubai and this was the view from the hotel bedroom.  What a view.  The hotel was absolutely fantastic, great staff, customer service, food, pool and the whole hotel smelled like a spa.  Awesome.

One of the main advantages of booking a luxury car in Dubai is that you can use the vehicle for long periods. You can hire a luxury car and travel with it for long distances.

This will save you money on fuel and you will also get more mileage per kilometers. It is also cheaper to hire the car when you are going for a weekend trip or a few days and need to use the car for driving purposes.

In the case of luxury cars, the driver needs more experience and your mileage will be limited. A luxury car requires more maintenance.

In addition to that, there are some specific extra charges that you need to pay for. These include mandatory insurance, taxes, the daily rental charges and so on.

It is recommended to go for car rentals from a trusted company so that there are no hidden charges or extra charges. Some luxury car rental companies are also offering the insurance on their websites.

So that you don’t need to go anywhere else to get it. It is just an additional fee that you will have to pay. The company will also let you know about the requirements of insurance and that you need to submit the insurance card within 24 hours of renting the car.

Whatever the cost, it will be worth it. Dubai is number one when it comes to luxury items, and driving a luxury car will only increase your enjoyment.


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