How To Be An Influencer On Like To Know It

This article will discuss how to use the website LikeToKnow ( to become an influencer. Show off your beauty and earn at the same time!

LikeToKnow is a fashion site that pays influencers to take photos with their clothes.

We will go over how to be paid to do this so that we can create a distinct Instagram page on our own.

What is the process?backpacker, woman, back view

Begin by completing the sign up on their website. Once you have finished sign up, navigate to the project you have decided to complete.

Choose a unique image you can upload to your Instagram page. Since our account is not ready to be made, we will use our character from Overwatch as our model.

You can find an example of a photo you can upload here.

In this image, the character is wearing a red backpack and what appears to be some red and black polka-dot pyjama pants. You can edit this photo to add a tag from your account.

You will then want to upload your model to your Instagram. Scroll over your phone’s location and select the location you want to use.

As you type in the location, choose “Select geotag” at the bottom. You will then want to copy your tag and paste it onto your photo’s caption.

Once you have uploaded your image, select a description that’s appropriate to use, such as “I went #GoPolarFleece for our World Cup intro series.”

Congratulations! You are now ready to submit your image to liketoKnow. It should take about 20 minutes for your image to be verified.

Once it is, you will receive a payment in your PayPal account!

Follow your project on Instagram!

Your next step will be to start following other influencers to try to start building up your followers.

The LikeToKnow logo is currently hidden behind a “Demo” button, so if you are following someone, make sure that they follow you.

In order to make your account more active on Instagram, you will want to sign up for the apps LikeToKnow gives you access to, so that you can get paid to like.To sign up for any of the following, visit the “Take money from influencers” section on the website.

Like Influencer appWalking between walls

The first app you will need to join is likeinfluencer. This app is all about creating accounts on the LikeToKnow platform.

The goal of the app is to help you find influencers to hire, in order to create your own Instagram account. In order to use the likeinfluencer app, you will need to find a few influencers, then meet with them and get them to like your photos.

You then need to use the app to submit them to likeinfluencer, to get paid to do so.

Once you have found some influencers, this app will also create a dashboard where you can manage all your accounts, from Instagram to Pinterest. This is all a great way to help you figure out what people are searching for on the platform, and what photos people would be most likely to search for.

Like Like app

The second app that we will need to sign up for is LikeLike. LikeLike is a way to track how often you see your photos on social media. For example, if you see a photo of a product, you could be paid to repost it to Instagram, or share it with your friends.

For example, the red top you uploaded was submitted to, and a link was sent to the LikeLike app, so that it would appear to all your followers.

Facebookinfluencer in Jean Jacket

The third app we need to sign up for is Facebook’s native app, Like. Like is similar to LikeInfluencer, in that you will find all your photos on Facebook. You will also be able to add the and LikeLike Facebook apps to each of your Facebook accounts, so that it will appear on each of your Facebook profiles.

After signing up for all three apps, you will need to start liking photos and getting the likes. All you need to do is like the photos in the likedyourself hashtag, so that you can get more of the like on your Instagram.

Many of the people who participate in our Facebook group have said that they find it easy to get the likes on Instagram from liking on Facebook. If you don’t know anyone who is using the apps we talked about, then it’s always great to send some inquiries to companies and businesses you are interested in and ask if they would be interested in partnering with you.

How to use the app

It should take about 20 minutes for your image to be verified. Once it is, you will receive a payment in your PayPal account!

Now that you have signed up for the app, it is time to start using it. Sign up for the app by clicking on the “Invite People” link, and filling in your first email address and password.

Click on the “Yes, this is my email address” button and then click on “Sign up for private messaging.” Then enter your email address, password and password again, and click on the “Log In” button.

Easy right? What are you waiting for? Sign up now to become a famous influencer!


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