How To Get An Influencer To Wear Your Product

Influencers are one of the most essential individuals in social media. If you want to gain visibility through your brand, then you will need to invest in a celebrity or influencer.

This article is about will teach you how to get an influencer to wear your product.

Hiring an influencer to endorse your product is an effective way to get yourself in the spotlight, which could then lead to sales.

You’ve spent hours researching who would be a perfect fit for your brand. You spent countless hours writing and rewriting the perfect pitch email for your board to read.

You even put together a pitch deck to help set the expectations, and now you’re about to close the deal.

Then your phone rings, and it’s your lead.

Oh no.

Oh wait… no, they’re calling to tell you that they read your email, they love it, and they want to meet you in person.

Congratulations, you’re about to walk into a meeting with your most important potential customer. You need to know what to do, fast.

Here are a few ways to successfully pitch your product to influencers, without anyone knowing what you’re doing.

Don’t offer free product to influencersWoven Basket with ONNE Products

When we’re pitching a product to an influencer, there’s a common misconception that we should always offer them product in exchange for their endorsement.

This is a huge no-no. They’re not your customers. You’re pitching your company. Your product is what they’ll be endorsing.

Influencer tips to rememberblack Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Your goal is to pick the right influencer to support your brand. To do that, here are some tips:

Research their preferences

Check to see if they are going to be interested in your product. If they are, they will give you valuable feedback.

Check their past

Look for references about the influencer's previous work. Find out how many sales they have done, and which products were the best sellers.

Hire a PR agency

You don't have the expertise to handle your social media marketing. Your PR firm will help you with everything.

Use metrics

How many sales will your influencer drive? What do they have to say about your product?

Be realistic

Don't think you can get an influencer to wear your product and drive 10,000 sales.

If you need to launch a new product, we recommend you contact the influencer early. They will be able to tell you if your product is right for them.

How to build a sales funnel

At the beginning, your sales funnel should be built by hand. You can use Excel, but if you prefer a more interactive tool, you can use Canva.

You can start with a simple landing page, where you can invite the influencer to a giveaway of your product. This will help you gain the influencer's trust.

You can then implement a regular sales method: email and Facebook ads. Make sure you choose the right campaign. These tactics will help your campaign gain traction.

Below you can find out how to run a consistent influencer marketing campaign:

Influencer campaigns are fun, and they definitely have a strong ROI. As a marketer, you should always look for new ways to promote your brand.

With the help of a dedicated influencer marketing expert, you can be sure you are doing your part to drive sales.

Now that you know how to target influencers for your marketing launch, what should you do next?

Make sure you’re saying something interesting

How do you know what to say to an influencer? It’s pretty easy.

You can use their own words against them. Let’s say I’m pitching FitTea to an influencer. They’re going to be sharing the product on their blog or vlog to help promote it.

I would use their own words against them and say, “I would drink this if I were you.”

They’ll pick up on the phrase if they were reading the pitch deck or the pitch email. When we show people something that they’re not used to, it goes viral.

Make it viral

Everyone has a knack for creating viral content. So, why not use that to our advantage? We can use their style and language against them.

Don’t forget to pay

One of the reasons I used these tactics above is to make sure influencers were paying you for the content they created.

If I offer a free product and you don’t ask me to create content for you, it’s probably not going to work out.

Here’s how you can create a relationship with an influencer so you can both get paid for content you create.

“I love your website, it’s really awesome, what’s your biggest advice for growing your business and getting more followers?”

Write that emailblack laptop computer

The biggest mistake I’ve made on countless projects is sending an email and thinking it’s just a text. It isn’t.

An email is a document, it’s structured. People read emails in two ways: via content marketing and through sales.

When you’re sending an email, you need to make sure you’re taking the time to add structure to the subject line, header, and body of the email. I talk about how to create an amazing subject line, in detail in my email writing guide.

It’s important that you spend the time to create an email that’s incredibly engaging.

Add a fun vignette

I’m a huge fan of using a vignette, which is the smallest, simplest, and most engaging part of the pitch.

This works because it appeals to the human side of the brain. People like to be entertained and make it clear that you’re fun.

People also like to read content from people that they look up to. So, add something interesting about who you are and why you’re pitching them.

Get them to link to your email list

If your audience knows you and trusts you, you can probably ask them for a referral.

Go into the email and ask them to give a “test”. Put a friendly “test” in the subject line. It could be something like, “Hey, free product! Would you be willing to send a review?”

If your customer wants to write the review, you’ll be surprised how many of them do!

Benefits of an influencer campaign

An influencer campaign usually gives your product instant visibility. In return, you pay a fair sum of money to the influencer.

However, influencer campaigns are not the only way to get visibility for your brand. You can also get your product seen by consumers through social media.

You can hire a PR agency to handle your social media strategy. For the low price of $10,000 to $20,000 per month, a PR agency will handle your social media marketing for you.



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