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One of my favorite styles of jewelry is definitely statement necklaces. They are typically very flashy, and sometimes even outrageous! I love them because they always draw attention to themselves, creating a spectacle.

They are also an easy way to add some variety to your look. There are many types of statement necklaces- from classic silver or gold chains with pendants, to fun rhinestone or florist style designs, to elaborate engraving or painted pictures or patterns.

But what really makes a good necklace is whether it looks comfortable on you. If you can’t pull off wearing it, then it isn’t a great piece of jewelry.

I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of overly designed jewelry, but there is one type of design I do like. Non-traditional metals such as nephrite (jade), hematite (iron oxide) and other non-metal materials like pearls and coral make beautiful statements. These go well with almost any color palette, and can be unique pieces just by how cool they are.

Nephrite and iron oxides are both relatively soft minerals so they are ideal to hang onto for hours. Although they may feel a little rough at first, once you get use to them, you will love them!

Overall, try out some new jewelry products in different price ranges or categories to see which ones appeal to you.

Bangle necklaces

n jewelry mark

A bangle necklace is one of the most versatile jewelry pieces you can add to your collection. They are typically made out of metal, but they can be painted or adorned with other materials as well.

They are particularly popular in recent years because not only are they pretty, but they are also very affordable. Many people have been seen wearing many different styles of bangle necklaces, from simple ones that are just slightly longer than a typical bracelet, to more elaborate designs!

There are several types of bangle necklaces, so let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Gold necklaces

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When it comes to jewelry, there is no wrong way to add some sparkle to your collection. Gone are the days when people wore only studs or rings!

Necklace-wear has become very popular once again as we see many brands introducing new pieces that feature a necklace shape. This shift away from the traditional pendant style necklace comes with its own set of benefits including how well they fit you.

Many waistline/neckline necklaces can look too tight which may cause discomfort for you to wear them long term. They also may not lay flat on the shoulder due to weighty components such as stones or chains.

Slimmer neckline styles are much more flexible than their heavier counterparts. We have seen many beautiful designs done this way and if you are looking to refresh yours, try experimenting with one!

I will be linking several gold necklaces in this article that are unique in design and features but all at under $25 each! I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and getting some great finds yourself.

Silver necklaces

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While jewelry made of silver is typically thought of as being more elegant, it can be cost-effective if you are looking to refresh your look or find new pieces. Many people choose to add some kind of necklace to their collection at this price point.

With that said, there are many different styles of silver jewelry that do not cost very much at all! You will probably see lots of pictures and videos of flatteringly draped silver necklaces that ooze elegance, but they are usually quite expensive.

There are also thicker bracelets and rings that are sometimes described as “silver” because of the metal source. These types of accessories definitely stay with us longer due to their durability, but again, they can get rather expensive.

The best way to determine whether or not an additional piece is needed is by experimenting in the mirror or from various angles.

Pearl and diamond necklaces

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A pearl necklace is one of the most classic jewelry pieces out there. They are beautiful, elegant, and rich. There are many types of pearls with different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Most people associate pearls exclusively with bridal jewelry, but they can be personalized for any event or to match anything!

They are perfect for every age group. Even if you’re not into wearing pearls, it is still worth looking at some because they are very versatile and attractive.

There are several ways to wear a pearl necklace. You can lay it across your chest, put it around your neck, or add pendants to it. It really does look lovely no matter how you style it!

Many people also like adding a little something special to their pearl necklace- either a cluster of diamonds or a locket containing pictures or ashes. These additions make it more personal.

Pearl and diamond bangle necklaces

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A pearl or diamond necklace with a metal bracelet is an easy way to update your look! This jewelry piece can be mixed and matched with many other bracelets, so it’s not necessarily limited to being worn alone.

Pearls are classic, elegant jewels that have timeless appeal. They come in many shapes and sizes, making them versatile to match most styles.

Diamonds are another beautiful gem that can easily take center stage. These sparkling stones add glamour to any outfit they are paired with.

Since both pearls and diamonds are nature’s ingenues, they are always well-received. When choosing which one to get, make sure they are sized appropriately and feel comfortable on you.

I would recommend buying online as there will almost never be extra fees or shipping costs if you do. There are several sites where you can find great deals on fashion jewellery, so check out some of those to gain more knowledge.

Gold and diamond necklaces

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When it comes to jewelry, there are several different styles that have become very popular. One of these is the necklace style. These are usually made out of either gold or diamonds, but sometimes both!

Necklace designs come in many shapes and sizes. Some only have one strap which can be tied around the user’s neck, while others have two pieces that can be linked together or not.

Whatever shape the design takes, everyone seems to love them because they emphasize the waistline. The weight of the piece is concentrated onto the area just above the belly button, making you look thinner than you actually are! (A professional trick.)

I will always admire beautiful jewelry so I hope you will too! But remember, keep it affordable. – Sarah

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Gold and diamond bangle necklaces

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Add some sparkle to your look with a gold or diamond necklace! These are called bangle necklaces because they can be put on either like bangles or bracelets that you wrap around your neck.

They are especially popular in jewelry stores, but you can make them at home too!

Making bangle necklaces is easy if you know how to use an edge setting tool and how to solder. Both of these things require very basic tools and supplies so do not worry about what equipment you do not have yet as you can get most of this stuff online or from local jewelers.

The hardest part of making a bangle necklace is deciding where to stop when attaching the end circle.

Silver and diamond necklaces

While not every person loves all styles of jewelry, there is one type that everyone seems to agree upon – necklace! Many types of necklaces are popular, but none more so than silver or crystal studs or drops or even longer chains with small locket pendants attached.

Many people feel that they look good because it is clearly showing off their own style. But beyond looking cool, some say that these types of rings help boost self-confidence and help you feel better about yourself.

Some believe that wearing them helps prevent illness by acting as an immune system booster. This is called antimicrobial action and has been studied both in vitro (or lab testing) and in vivo (testing done in humans).

Another theory is that the metals used in this kind of jewelry work as electrodes as well as nutrients for cells and tissue growth. In other words, they act like vitamins to aid healing or cell reproduction.

However, just like any form of medicine, overuse of jewelry can be harmful if consumed in enough quantity. Too much metal may cause problems related to how your body processes it.


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