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Looking into the jewelry market, you will definitely see all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, and purposes. But what is missing are no longer jewels or crystals, but rather real gems!

Many people have made fake gemstones to look more expensive. These are not only cost-effective, but they can be just as beautiful if not even better than authentic ones!

There are several ways to make fake stones seem more professional and expensive. By incorporating these into your collection, you will start creating fashionable looks that appeal to true fashionistas.

But why should we care? Because this article and giveaway include one very special prize – an elegant pair of earrings with totally custom designed diamonds!

These diamonds were picked by the artist for their shape and size, and cannot be bought off the shelf at any price. They are also guaranteed to be natural, so there are no worries about them being man-made.

For these reasons and others, they are far more valuable than average diamond earrings.

Bangle bracelets

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A bangle bracelet is one of the most popular jewelry styles in America. They are typically made of platinum, gold, or mixed metal that can be easily adjusted to fit any size wrist.

They originated in India and have been adapted for many different cultures. Some people call them flattery bracelets as they claim they help promote marriage by enhancing trust. Others say it promotes self-confidence because you need no other proof of your beauty before others.

Chunky rings

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A popular way to add some razzle-dazzle to your jewelry collection is by investing in chunky or heavily embellished rings. Many fashion brands have come up with ways to design very expensive looking pieces that are also affordable due to their low price tags!

Many people begin buying these types of jewelry as trends become more popular and then eventually sell them down to buy something less ostentatious. It’s a beautiful thing when you invest in expensive jewelry and it becomes fashionable again!

With this, however, is the problem: many times these jewels will go missing or get lost.

Tiny diamonds

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A popular trend right now is adding little jewels to pieces. This is called “touched up” jewelry or even just jeweled clothing!

A lot of brands have picked up on this style, creating rings, necklaces, and dresses that feature very small decorations.

These decorations can be anything from fake diamond shapes to authentic pear-shaped diamonds that are only an inch long!

Why do it?

It’s because people perceive such miniscule stones as fashionable, elegant, and/or expensive. (And they definitely are all three!)

Thin strands look beautiful and pretty much match any color you want to add them in. They also make the piece seem more unique and special than something with bigger gems attached.

What size jewellery should I buy?

While most people recommend buying larger sized jewellery, we at Sweetzjewelry think that different styles need different sizes.

We suggest trying out some thin strand jewelry before investing in one big enough for its genre.

Finding your ideal length necklace can depend on what type of shape you like and how tall you like yours to sit on your chest.

Leather bracelets

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While leather is a beautiful material to work with, it can be expensive if you are not careful how you take care of it. Luckily, jewelry made out of leather has become increasingly popular in recent years! These leather bracelets have come in many different styles and shapes, but they all share one thing: They are totally unique.

It is very difficult to find similar leather pieces that do not look exactly like each other. This adds to their appeal because they stand out as being special instead of looking too familiar. It also gives people who want more casual looks an option that does not cost much more than normal non-leather wristbands.

There are several types of leather used to make these bracelets including calfskin, sheepskin, and cowhide. No matter which type of leather is used, however, one must remember to avoid dry cleaning them. Only use water or alcohol as washes for your leather piece.

Gold chains

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When it comes to jewelry, there are many different types of pieces you can add into your collection. One of the most popular types is gold jewelry- particularly gold rings and necklaces!

Many people enjoy adding some pretty expensive jewelry to their collections. After all, why not? It takes a lot of money to make beautiful jewelry that anyone could wear.

However, with this kind of jewelry, you have to be careful how much space you have for storage! Because these items are made out of solid gold, they do not easily break down or dissolve in water.

If you go swimming or bathing, you must wash yourself thoroughly to avoid leaving any trace of wet behind on these items. This may cause corrosion and damage to the metal structure!

Another thing to watch out for is tangs- long strands attached to other jewelry.

Beaded bracelets

Many people have made fashionable jewelry out of beads- strings of semi-precious stones or pearls set together in patterns. These are called bead necklaces, bracelet designs, or even just “beads” for their simplicity.

Beaded jewelry has become very popular again with young designers creating new styles every year. Some stick to classic looking beaded pieces while others experiment more with unique shapes and materials.

There are many types of beading techniques as well. Most commonly seen is linked (or continuous) rings which connect two ends of chain into one piece. More complexly done, spiral sets require you to start at the middle link and work your way up or down depending on the shape of the circle being formed.

Many times, professional jewelers use machines to create beautiful strands of beads. The machine will take separate links of metal and form them into a string of connected circles.

Pearl rings

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A pearl ring is one of the most classic jewelry pieces there are! They’re also some of the priciest, which may make them seem less accessible to average budget shoppers. However, they’re always in style so it’s worth sticking up for!

Pearl rings typically feature one large pear-shaped gemstone set off by a metallic or platinum band. These bands can be thin and elegant, or thick and flashy. It all depends on what look you want to achieve!

The color and size of the pearl affect how much it laces with other colors and styles. Some people prefer lighter, brighter shades over darker ones. And some people love longer, thinner strands of pearl hair compared to shorter, thicker strings.

It’s totally personal preference! Luckily, there are many pretty, well-designed pearl necklaces that any person would find beautiful.

Gold rings

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When it comes to jewelry, there is nothing more classic than a solid gold ring. They are probably one of the most popular pieces you can get for anyone at any time. Plus, they are very durable!

A lot of people choose golden rings because they like the way it looks. It is easy to tell that someone took extra care in making this piece by how beautiful it is.

However, not everyone knows how to use all the different components of a golden ring. In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks for putting together your own golden ring. If you ever have questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly! We would be happy to help you out.


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