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As seen with our article before, buying new jewelry is a great way to refresh your look or find something that is unique. There are many ways to source jeweled pieces; you do not have to buy them directly from their creator!

There are several online marketplaces where you can find beautiful jewelry inspired by or matching a specific style or theme. These sites offer vast selections of jewelry at very affordable prices due to their design-focused audience.

Many of these sites sell “faux” jewelry which are not true diamonds but are designed to look like it. Due to this, they are usually much cheaper than authentic diamond jewelry!

These types of items are perfect if you just want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe or need a small gift for someone special. Many people have success selling their fake jewelry as actual jewelry or rebranding them as part of a collection.

Silver and leather bracelets

unique jewelry etsy

Leather is one of the most popular materials to use in jewelry making. It can be difficult to find nice, natural quality leather so some people turn to online shopping sites to source new pieces.

There are many websites that sell all sorts of handmade leather accessories, from bags to shoes to bracelet covers. One type of bracelet that has become very popular is the silver or white leather strap with small patterned disks attached.

These small charms typically depict flowers, leaves, geometric shapes or even your favorite cartoon character! They are easy to make and add just the right amount of detail to an otherwise plain looking piece of jewelry.

I have gathered several examples of these style bracelets at unique jewelry etsy stores.

Gold and leather bracelets

Leather jewelry is back in style and there are many ways to make it. Adding interesting textures, patterns, or designs can be done with leather strips, straps, or cords that are attached to rings, necklaces, or bracelet styles.

There are several companies that feature all-leather pieces such as Neenah’s Tribal Collection which features heavy duty leather cuffs and ankle bands as well as chokers made of either cow or buffalo hide.

Neenah also offers snake skin inspired belts and duffle bags! They use non-toxic vegetable tanned leather and only natural oils for their products.

For more casual looks, try adding an old school watch strap to a timepiece or adding some easy going buckle jewelry. For something a little more dress up, look into simple but elegant drop earrings or hoops. If you like one of these types, search online to see if the manufacturer makes any other versions.

Hair clips

unique jewelry etsy

There are many types of jewelry that do not require being in direct contact with your hair. For example, necklaces or earrings that can be put up for later use.

Hair clips are one such piece of jewelry that can help you organize all of your belongings and keep them close at hand.

They are also an easy way to add some color and luster to your own hairstyle or those of others! Many people have lovely, unique hairdos so they are very popular fashion accessories.

There are several different styles of hair clips but most contain clasps or pins attached to two pieces of metal or plastic that connect together around your hair. These are then closed or pinched onto each other to hold it in place.

Many people choose to make their own custom-made ones or search online sites for pre-made ones.

Pendant necklaces

unique jewelry etsy

Add some sparkle to your day with a beautiful necklace! Many jewelry stores offer very expensive, flashy looking chains and rings that are not within budget or you do not like. These types of pieces are great if you can afford them, but may be too much for most people.

Many sellers on online shopping sites such as eBay and Amazon will list interesting pendant necklaces that are cost effective. They may even be able to order extra parts so that you can make it into a longer chain!

There are many different styles of pendants that sell extremely well on selling sites. Some examples include rhinestones, crystals, and silver coins.

Button and bead necklaces

unique jewelry etsy

Another popular jewelry design style is called button or clap bead necklace. This type of necklace comes with very specific beads that are linked together into one long chain.

The trick to creating beautiful button and bead necklaces is finding unique, well-designed beads. There are many types of beads you can use for this, but they all must match in color and texture beautifully.

Many people create their own designs by mixing and matching different colors and textures of beads.

Bangle bracelets

unique jewelry etsy

Bracelet bajes are one of the most popular jewelry styles in America. They originated in Spain, where they’re called “bangles.”

A bracelet baja is made out of two pieces of metal connected together with a joint that can be opened or closed. The length of each piece determines the width of the bracelet, therefore longer pieces make wider bangles.

The link between the two parts is typically shorter than the total length of both parts combined, creating an asymmetrical look that many people like. This also allows for more flexibility in how to wear it because you can close the part up or have it hang down depending on your clothing choice.

These types of bracelets were mostly worn by women during the 19th century due to their ease of use. Since then, they’ve become very popular and some even say essential wardrobe items.


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