Unique Jewelry Holder

Finding a nice jewelry box can be tricky, there are so many different styles and shapes that it becomes hard to know which one is best for you or your budget.

There are also several materials used to make them, some are plastic which may not feel good to hold expensive rings and bracelets. Wooden boxes can sometimes cost too much as they are an investment.

This article will talk about how to make your own unique jewelry holder that does not have any of these issues! It is easily customizable and can be made from almost anything. Let’s get into it!

Unique Necklace Holders

Necklaces often fall off of our chests due to weight. This is very annoying because we put so much effort into looking beautiful and then lose all of our necklaces!

Luckily, I have seen quite a few tutorials online on how to make your own necklace stand. These are great ways to enjoy wearing your favorite piece while still keeping it safe and organized.

Some people even upload pictures of their stands in use to show how well they work. Unfortunately, most of those are not easy to make and take time to create so most people do not really spread this tip.

But thankfully, I found one! And not only does it look pretty authentic, but it is totally free!!!

This article will teach you how to make your own simple yet effective necklace holder.

Different types of jewelry holders

unique jewelry holder

There are many different ways to organize your jewelry. Most people start with their classic necklace box or bracelet holder, but these have a limited amount of space for keeping up with all of their accessories.

The best way to store additional pieces is in a rack-style jewelry organizer. These have open spaces where you can hang every item easily, and you will never run out of room!

These jewelry organization solutions are cost effective as well, made from materials that are not expensive, but long lasting. Many use plastic or canvas covers which are washable and easy to keep clean.

There are several companies that make great quality racks, so do some research and pick one that is sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing.

How to pick a jewelry holder

unique jewelry holder

Having your own jewelry box or jewelry keeper is a lovely way to organize your accessories. They are especially helpful if you are someone who never seems to have enough space to store all of your pieces!

You do not need to spend a large amount of money on one, either. Many online sites and boutiques offer very affordable ones that do the job just as well.

There are many ways to find an ideal jewelry holder. Some people like having a hook-style necklace case while others prefer a bracelet sleeve or plate style bag. It really depends on what kind of jewelry you have and how it is organized at the moment.

A general rule of thumb is to look for one that can hold several types of necklaces, but with room to add more depending on what type of outfit you will be wearing. For example, a short, lacy dress may need a shorter length necklace pouch to keep them together, whereas a longer, heavier necklace could use the extra space to stretch out.

Popular jewelry holders

unique jewelry holder

There are many ways to organize your rings, watches, and earrings. Many people use open-faced cinderboards or loose pile racks to keep their collection separate and organized.

However, there is an easier way to do it!

A unique jewelry holder that has become very popular is the plate rack. A plate rack is a tall cylinder that contains small plates or bowls where you can place each piece of jewelry.

The jewelry does not have to be displayed horizontally like with an open faced board but instead vertical so it can be seen fully. These plate racks are designed to fit any space and can be placed in various configurations depending on how much room you have.

They are also cost effective as they are usually made from plastic or metal which can be reorganized and put back together at a later time. Some even offer covers to protect certain pieces such as necklaces or bracelets.

Leather jewelry boxes

unique jewelry holder

Another way to organize your jewelry collection is by using leather jewelry cases or jewelry trays. These are very popular because they can be easily customized! You can get clear, see-through cases that allow you to view all of your pieces, or case covers that close off part of the slot for more concealment.

The best thing about these types of organizers is that you can buy them pre-made at a variety of sizes and shapes, so it will fit in with little effort. If you are ever looking to reorder, you can usually find them online or through specialty stores.

These organization systems cost around $20 – $50 per piece, but they last longer than plastic bags! They also appeal to some people more than other styles due to their look and feel.

Gold jewelry boxes

unique jewelry holder

Another way to organize your jewelry collection is by using gold jewelry holders or jewelry cases. These are good alternatives if you do not like having empty space in your room or want to update your home decoration.

Many people use them to hold wedding bands, rings, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry. They can also be used for keeping large necklaces organized and accessible.

There are many types of jewelry cases that contain trays, hanging racks, or shelves. For example, you could purchase a jewelry box with separate compartments or a chest-style case where each compartment has its own lid.

Stone jewelry boxes

unique jewelry holder

Another way to organize your jewelry collection is by using stone jewelry box or tray settings. These have become very popular as people of all styles design them and put their own personal touch into them.

A jewelry trays are usually made out of glass, ceramic, metal, or plastic and typically have spaces in which you can place each piece of jewelry. This helps make finding a specific piece easy and organized.

Some even have small openings at the top so you can see what kind of ring it is, down to its interior lining.

Plastic jewelry boxes

unique jewelry holder

A very common way to organize your jewelry is by using plastic or silicone jewelry cases or trays. These are easy to grab for when you need to access your jewelry quickly, and can also be re-organized easily!

The disadvantage of these types of organizers is that they do not always retain heat well. If you get cold feet and want to freeze your jewelry up, then this will not work for you.

Another problem with them is that they cannot hold much weight- their decorations may break if too many rings or bracelets are stacked in it.

Brush necklaces

unique jewelry holder

A brush necklace is one jewelry design that has gotten popular in recent years. It resembles a long, thin string of pearls with small brushes attached to each pearl. The brushes are typically made of natural materials such as leather or hair which have been painted or glued onto the end.

These bracelets can be worn alone or many together creating an interesting look.


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