Unique Jewelry Necklaces

One of the most popular ways to add some sparkle into your look is by adding jewelry! There are so many different types of jewelry that it can be hard to know where to start.

There are several reasons why people choose to invest in jewelry. Some like the way it looks, while others love how it fits with their dress or fashion style. Others may find jewelry an easy way to increase their personal spending limit as they move up levels on the jewellery scale.

With this article, I will discuss ten unique necklace designs that can help you pick out the perfect piece for yourself or someone else. These include both classic and funky styles, and they are not too expensive unless you consider price important. So keep reading to learn more about them!

#1 Wrap Rings

Many people call these “Wrist Ribbons” because of the resemblance. Either name works well! This necklace design is very versatile due to its ability to be lengthened or shortened depending on what size wrist it matches.

The length can also be adjusted easily, making it great quality jewelry that anyone can change around or mix and match with other similar jewelry. Because it is adjustable, it can fit any sized wrist comfortably!

These rings typically have one large circle shape bead linked together with either small chain links or solid silver jumprings. The number of beads in each link depends on the size of the bracelet being attached to it, but usually there are at least three per link.

Bangle necklaces

unique jewelry necklaces

Another popular jewelry design is the bangle necklace- also known as circle necklace or hoop necklace. This one is unique in that it does not have a square or rectangle shape, but rather a circular loop! These are typically made of metal, with some adding gemstones to increase its luster and beauty.

BBangles usually hang from a bracelet or charm by their hanging knot, making them very versatile. They can be worn alone or many together creating interesting looks you would never expect!

These cool looking necklaces are perfect for anyone who loves classic jewelry designs. They are easily able to mix and match with other non-jewelry clothing items, which is nice if you want to look great without having to buy new clothes every time you wanted to show off your jewelry.

Gold necklaces

unique jewelry necklaces

Another popular jewelry style is that of using gold in different shapes and sizes to create interesting designs or as an all-around solid piece. There are many ways to use golden jewelry for yourself, whether it be for decoration or to add some emphasis to something you are saying or doing.

Many people associate golden jewelry with rich people due to its expensive nature, but this isn’t always the case! Many fashion brands will produce beautiful pieces that aren’t too pricey. Check out Amazon and eBay to find fashionable, quality gold jewelry that fits your budget.

Some examples of unique golden necklace styles include hoops, chokers, crescent moons, armbands, and pendants. These types of necklaces can easily be mixed and matched with other non-gold clothing or rings so they are very versatile.

These types of necklaces can also be modified or replaced if you no longer like them! Some places where you can get easy access to replace or modify a piece is at your local jewellery store, online stores such as Etsy or YouPorn, and social media sites like Instagram!

Overall, golden jewelry is an excellent way to start investing in jewelry since there are several possibilities beyond just decorations.

Pearl and gold necklaces

unique jewelry necklaces

A beautiful pearl necklace is an easy way to start investing in jewelry. They are very classic, so they will never go out of style. Pearls also match most colors, making them versatile to wear with just about anything!

Pearl necklaces typically contain one large pear-shaped stone set off by smaller stones or clear settings. These larger, rounder pieces make for a pretty look that many people appreciate.

Thrift stores and boutiques offer great opportunities to find inexpensive pearl necklaces. Do not feel like you have to spend big money on a expensive necklace to look good. Even more unique jewelry can be found at affordable prices.

Gold is another popular choice for jewelry. Many different styles and shapes exist, but all consist of pure gold. The luster makes it attractive to hold and touch.

Similar to pearls, thrift store and vintage jewelry sites do not cost a lot to shop.

Chunky rings

unique jewelry necklaces

Another popular way to add some sparkle into your look is by adding chunky jewelry, such as heavy bracelets or necklaces. These pieces are not only eye-catching, but they also give you lots of bang for your buck because most of them cost less than $100!

There are many types of jewelry that can be incorporated into this category, such as rhinestone earrings or dangling diamond necklace pictures. Both of these examples would make your look more expensive due to the price of the materials, but they’re still affordable if you take time to find one that is similar in style and size and buy it online.

I know what you're thinking: why would someone pay so much for a simple necklace? But believe me when I say that these extra touches add major appeal to an item. They increase the value of the piece and help create a rich aura around you.

Thin rings

unique jewelry necklaces

Another popular jewelry type is what we call thin rings or anklets. These are not thick necklaces, but rather one piece that can be wrapped several times around your ankle. Some have evens called “bracelets” that fit over the foot!

Thin rings typically feature sterling silver or white gold as materials. The length of the band usually extends up to just below the knee, making them more intimate than longer ones.

These types of jewelry are very fashionable right now and many designers create their own versions of them! Check out Charming Ankle Rings for some inspiration. They are also great if you have tight muscles due to workout routines or arthritis since they are easy to put on and take off.

Unique jewelry like this can cost anywhere from $25 to $100 per ring depending on how much it costs to make it and how much you pay for it at the store.

Boho rings

unique jewelry necklaces

A more recent trend is boho jewelry, or as some call it, hippie chic jewelry. These are totally unique necklaces that do not look like anything else out there! Many have painted or stenciled designs onto the necklace instead of using gemstones.

Many people associate boho with long hair and shaggy clothing, but this style can be seen in much neater forms such as these painted or stenciled necklaces. Settings include many different shapes and styles, some even hanging from bracelets!

These new trends in jewelry are very individual and personal to each person who wears them. They create a special feeling when you put one on and show off how beautiful they are.

Gold rings

unique jewelry necklaces

Another popular way to add some sparkle to your jewelry collection is by investing in gold rings. There are many types of rings that contain very little to no diamonds, but they are all one solid piece of gold.

Many people choose to use these types of rings as statement pieces or for everyday wear due to their beautiful design and shape.

They are also cost effective if you are looking to spend around $100-$250 per ring. Many sellers will include the setting and stones free which further decreases how expensive this necklace can be!

These types of necklaces are great because you get quality material and elegant decoration, just like regular diamond studs and rope bracelets! — Taylor

If you’re looking to add more glam to your wardrobe then we have gathered several lovely golden jewellery designs for you to check out here on TheBeautyBoutique.com.au.

Pendant necklaces

unique jewelry necklaces

When talking about necklace styles, it is important to note that there are two major categories: pendant necklaces and band (or attached) necklaces. In this article, we will talk about each of these types!

Pendants come in many forms; some are made out of materials such as metals or crystals while others are designed to look like other shapes such as rings or balls. What makes them unique though, is how they are hung onto the piece.

Most commonly, a chain connects the pendant to the person wearing the necklace. The length of the chain can be adjusted so that you can either put the pendant up or down or even pull it off completely. This way, the wearer does not have to worry about the necklace getting stuck or broken due to putting it away or taking it off.

Some people also choose to use a clasp with their necklace which helps keep the item together.


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