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Finding a way to organize your jewelry can be tricky. There are many ways to do it, but none that have become popular until now- unique jewelry organized trays! These organizational tools are designed specifically for jewelry and how they are made.

They all seem to work similarly in concept– you start with an empty tray and then add onto it as you find more pieces. The best ones also have clear spaces where you can see all of your pieces at a glance.

Some even offer special racks or compartments to put individual rings up or clasps down. It is very helpful to know which piece goes into what before putting it away! Luckily, there are some really great one handed jewelry holders out there. You can check them out here!

Another good thing about these trays is that most of them are affordable. Some even on sale consistently so should not cost too much extra unless you are buying expensive jewelry. Many people have their own personal favorite brand and type of trays, so do research and test different ones out.

This article will talk about two different types of jewelry organization trays – magnetic and clip style.

Mesh jewelry storage baskets

unique jewelry organizer

A very popular way to organize jewelry is by using mesh jewelry organizers. These are typically made of clear plastic or wire that can be placed in another organizer or box to hold additional pieces.

Some examples of these include jewelry boxes with small compartments where you could store each piece, necklaces hanging from a rod, and rings attached to a plate.

These types of organized jewelry do not require much space, making them great if you are looking to get more into organizing your jewelry collection. If you want to try one of these out make sure to go up a size category as they may not fit all sizes of jewelry well.

They are also good to have around the house since you can easily access every item.

Zippered jewelry cases

When you organize your jewelry using zippered jewelry cases, make sure to also keep track of which pieces go in what case!

It can be hard to remember where each piece goes because there is no internal structure that defines how it should look.

Most organized jewelry collections have open-lidded boxes or trays as the starting point for putting together their collection. These are usually color coordinated and sometimes include markings to help identify the item kind (ring box, bracelet tray, etc.).

But what if we took this one step further? What if every time you put an earring into or take out a necklace from its jewelry case, you had to also indicate whether it went in the ring tray, the pendant holder, or both?

This would quickly get very tedious, very soon! So, most jewelry cases feature additional dividers or compartments to aid in organization. But what about when someone wants to pull out all of the pieces at once?

There is nothing special about these organizers beyond being tall enough to fit all of the items. Therefore, they often do not offer any features to aid in keeping organized.

Sheets of paper

unique jewelry organizer

Many people have small collections of jewelry that they keep in a box or drawer at home. This can be tricky to do well, though, as you will need to access your pieces frequently, and maybe even want to add new pieces to your collection!

If you don’t have a place for each piece, then chances are bad luck won’t inspire you to take it off. So how about we organize our jewelry by color? Or shape? Or both combined?

Sheet after sheet of white paper is an excellent way to start organizing. Take one sheet of paper and write down all the different colors of jewelry you own. Do the same with shapes (rings, necklaces, etc.). When everything is categorized, you can easily find what you're looking for later!

There's no wrong way to begin this process. You can use pen and paper, or you can use a computer software program like Anicaa where you upload pictures and create groups from there.

Cleaning your jewelry

unique jewelry organizer

While it may seem tedious, taking time to clean your jewelry is important so that they will stay in good condition for longer!

Most of us get into ruts when it comes to cleaning our pieces. Some people just don’t bother to take very much care of them. This is not only bad for their look, but also potentially harmful if you choose poorly quality materials or ones that can’t be easily replaced.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep up with all of your accessories. With the right tools, you’ll never again have to worry about getting stuck without something perfect to wear!

Many people use alcohol wipes to wipe down their jewelry. These are adequate, but not great. A better solution is using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Alcohol removes most types of tarnish as well as dirt.

Washing your jewelry

unique jewelry organizer

While washing yourself or cleaning your hair, try to avoid grabbing too much of the water with your hands or using a brush that could scrape off some of the protective coating of the metal.

Instead, use a soft cloth or piece of paper to wash each item separately. Use a dry towel to clean the area where you normally place your jewelry like your neck, wrist, or ears.

Don’t put away wet items until they are completely dried! This can cause damage to the metals in the item. And don’t forget to check out our article about how to store your jewelry for more tips.

Unique jewelry organizer – Conclusion

Now that you have read this unique jewelry organization tip, hop onto the web to search for great merchandise similar to what was mentioned in this article. You will also want to take a look at our other jewelry organizing tips here at MyDomaine.com.


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