Unique Jewelry Packaging

When it comes to finding new ways to package your jewelry, you don’t have to stick to plastic or cardboard! There are so many great materials out there that offer unique coverage and protection.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite jewelry packaging here for you to explore. While not all of these are designed exclusively for rings and necklaces, they are very helpful in keeping your pieces safe and protected.

Many of these designs look beautiful beyond just their function too! Many people admire how the shape or material is styled – it’s definitely an added perk.

Leather jewelry boxes

unique jewelry packaging

Another great way to package your jewelry is by using leather jewelry cases or bags. These are very popular because they are designed in many different shapes and sizes, and you can find ones that are totally customizable.

Some examples of leather jewelry cases include simple strap bag designs or more elaborate box styles with compartments for each piece of jewelry.

These types of cases are really versatile as you can carry them around easily and use them at home or while traveling. Since they are made of leather, these will last for years! If the look is not important to you, then do not worry about it too much.

These types of cases are also cost effective if you are looking to purchase a lot of new pieces.

Ceramic jewelry boxes

unique jewelry packaging

Another very popular way to package jewelry is using ceramic rings as covers or trays for your pieces. These are called ceramic jewelry boxes, and they are designed to look elegant and rich. Most contain little compartments or slots where you can place each piece of jewelry easily.

Ceramic is a strong material that works well as an enclosure for the jewelry. Because it is durable, it will last longer than if made out plastic or metal. However, ceramics are also relatively expensive!

There are many different styles of ceramic jewelry cases, so there is no one style that is better than the others. Some have solid covers, while others have lusciously curved ones. It all depends on what looks best for you and your jewelry collection.

Overall, these types of containers are very versatile and easy to use.

Wood jewelry boxes

unique jewelry packaging

A classic wood jewelry box is one of the most versatile styles in all of fashion jewelry. These are great because you can easily switch out the lids, find new uses for them, and/or buy another color or style lid to use with your current wooden box!

There are many types of lids that people use for their jewelry storage. Some have plastic covers, while others are made of leather or velvet. But my favorite type is the ones that close with a sliding cover.

These work well since you can access the contents without taking off too much clothing, and they also lock into place which helps prevent anything from getting stolen.

But what kind of jewelry container is best? And how do you pick one up if you don’t know where to look? Luckily, it doesn’t take long to learn some basics about these pieces! Read on to see more about those.

Ziplock jewelry bags

unique jewelry packaging

When you buy jewelry, it is usually in bulk quantities –- rings, necklaces, bracelets. Because it is in large amounts, it is packaged in cases to save space.

However, this doesn’t do anything for the person who purchases one piece of jewelry. They will have to take out each item and pack it into its own ziploc bag or use their own plastic sleeve, which can get messy.

There are some great ways to package all of your jewelry. One way is to purchase zipper jewelry boxes or ziplock jewelry bags at your local store or online shop. These are very easy to use and keep track of everything.

You can also make your own jewelry storage solutions by using empty ziploc bags as trays or casters that hold individual pieces of jewelry.

Leather bracelet bags

unique jewelry packaging

When it comes to unique jewelry packaging, leather is one of the most popular materials. A leather sleeve or bag for your jewelry is an excellent choice because not only does it protect the item, but it also adds style to it!

Leather bands are quite versatile as they can be attached to just about any type of jewelry- rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. They easily hide all sorts of decorations that would usually go onto the strap or ring itself.

These types of bags are very expensive due to the material cost and the effort needed to make them. Therefore, it is important to know how to source quality leather so that you do not get ripped off!

There are several companies that sell high end leather goods that have been professionally processed and dried. Make sure to research some before buying so that you know what to look for!”

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Leather necklace bags

When it comes to unique jewelry packaging, leather necklaces are some of the most popular styles. A company that has really put forth effort into creating incredible looking leather jewelry is Forever 21. They have different types of leather bag designs for all sorts of people.

Their Mytheo line of products includes pendants in wooden or stone settings with space left for you to add a locket or chain strap to use the product as a bracelet! This is very helpful since not every person wants to wear a long piece at times.

They also offer trinket boxes that can be attached to a belt loop or shoelace so you do not need to find room next to your pants pocket for the item. These types of covers are great because you can easily grab one before going out or after coming home from work!

These types of covers are also cost effective due to being made of durable material.

Dishwasher proof jewelry bags

unique jewelry packaging

When you wash your dishes, they get washed along with them. Dishes can be tricky to keep organized, and having all of their pieces in one place or another is important for keeping it clean. If you have to take your things out, having something to put them in is helpful.

There are many different types of plastic jewelry storage containers that do not require access to electricity to function. These are typically characterized as being dishwashersproof! That is, you can easily pack them up and drop them in the washing machine like normal.

Some come with lids so that you can cover or close off part of the container if needed. Others don’t have a lid at all, but rather small holes which allow some air flow and prevent water from pooling inside.

Comb bag

unique jewelry packaging

A comb bag is one of the most unique jewelry packaging styles you will find. They are also one of the priciest! But, if you look online or at various stores that sell fine jewelry, you will probably come across some pretty cool ones.

A comb bag consists of two pieces of material connected by either a zipper or tie. One piece has small holes in it to hold each individual item (jewelries or not) together. The second part is for hanging the finished product from a hook or frame.

Comb bags can be completed both professionally and even home-sewing projects! If you ever have a bad day, you can take out your sewing machine and make something beautiful!

There are many reasons why people like comb bags. For one, they seem professional grade with their attached hooks. Also, due to the materials being used, they are very durable and heavy. This gives your piece more prestige.


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