Unique Jewelry Pendants

A pendant is not just a necklace with a loop or hook at the end, it can be so much more! Many jewelry designs include some sort of picture or representation as part of their pendant. These pictures are called enameled pieces or castings.

Many people associate castings with the term “charm” because they are typically designed to look like something (usually another item such as a ring or bracelet). Because they are usually meant to resemble an object, they use special tools and techniques to make them look exactingly realistic.

However, even though they are sometimes referred to as charms, that name is kind of misleading! They are actually very artistic and elegant works of art in themselves!

These types of pendants are really unique, self-representing artwork that can add depth to your wardrobe depending on what type of styling you want for yourself or someone else.

Beaded pendants

Many jewelry makers use beads to create new pieces or refresh old ones. Some even make their own designs using only beads!

Beads are very versatile materials that can be used in many ways. They can be connected together, stuck onto each other, layered, and so on.

Many people design jewelry made out of beads. It is not only easy to add them to existing styles, but you can also make your own unique jewelry!

Making your own jewelry from start to finish is an excellent way to learn about jewelry making. There are several types of bead settings such as rosettes (circles with attached rings), knotting, and weaving.

Most experienced jewelers have specific terms for these types of setups because it is hard to tell what they are called until you see them done.

Gold pendants

unique jewelry pendants

Many jewelry companies will add some unique touches to their collection, such as hanging pendant pieces ornaments. These are typically made of gold and have pictures or symbols that relate to your style and/or life events. For example, if you celebrate your anniversary every two years, then you would purchase an anniversary gift for yourself during those two year breaks!

There are many different shapes and styles for these kind of rings. Some stick with classic designs while others experiment more. No matter what type they are it is important to spend time looking through your own decorations to find one that makes you happy.

Many people choose earrings as their next piece of jewelry due to how easy they are to match. There are several types of earring sets that can be mixed and matched together to create different looks.

Silver pendants

unique jewelry pendants

With all of these unique jewelry designs, you will definitely want to look into whether or not they are authentic. Most likely, they are!

Most people add decorations to their clothing and jewelry in order to make it more interesting. By adding new components, it makes the piece more personal and special to them.

Many designers create new materials by mixing metals together to produce something that is unique and beautiful. For example, many use copper sheets as clasps for necklaces or rings that can be put together to form a bracelet.

Some even take an element (like silver) and mix it with other elements to see how it behaves. Many times, different ratios of each metal are mixed together which produces another totally new element that we get to enjoy using.

Stone pendants

unique jewelry pendants

A stone pendant is one of the most classic jewelry pieces. They are attached to a chain or bracelet that you can put onto your hand or add additional chains to make it longer.

Most people associate stones like diamonds, emeralds, ruby, sapphire, and cat’s eye with elegance and sophistication. But there are many other types of stones that contain similar qualities.

Some examples include tanzanite, moonstone, peridot, and citrine.

Leather pendants

unique jewelry pendants

One of my favorite jewelry types is leather pendant necklaces. They are totally unique, personal, and dramatic! These are not your average plain necklace either. Most have an attached piece that can be removed or put onto another item to make it more functionable.

I’ve seen many styles of leather pendants- some with small pictures, others with writing, and some even that combine both. No two are exactly the same, which makes them very pretty!

What makes this type of necklace special is the material. Leather is typically quite expensive, but it is also a classic material that will never go out of style. It is also known for being durable and strong so it won’t break down or wear out too quickly.

These qualities make leather a great choice if you want to invest in something beautiful that you will keep forever. There are several ways to attach the pendant to the chain, as well. Some use clasps, while other use rings or knots.

Something important to note about leather is that it does require proper care to stay looking its best. Make sure to store it in the right place, such as under a sleeve or wrapped around a bracelet. Also remember to clean it using appropriate materials.

Key pendants

unique jewelry pendants

A key pendant is one that symbolizes your life or career as of late. If you have been experiencing a lot of changes, then it is time to evaluate what your job is and what you want to do with your life.

A key pendant can be an interesting necklace that represents you, your career, or your life’s mission. Many people choose their own personal keys through experiences in their lives.

For example, if they were given a wallet as a child, then they may choose to use that wallet as a way to remember all of their important memories from that age.

If someone gave them a car, then they could put the car logo onto their shirt as a reminder of how powerful cars are and what they can do.

Or perhaps they received a house, so they could design their home decoration using that house as a theme. All these examples relate to having strong identities and beliefs.

Some other popular key pendants include sun cat eye beads which represent sunshine after sunlight has hit your face, moonstone representing full moons, black pearls for death, and red jade for passion.

Choker pendants

unique jewelry pendants

A choker necklace is one that has a chain with a clasp at the end, where you can attach the pendant. Most people call these “chokers” because they look like a long piece of jewelry around your neck.

Chokers are usually made out of either metal or leather. Metal ones tend to have rhinestones, beads, or crystals set in a pattern as the pendant. Leather ones typically feature natural patterns or designs done onto it.

They are very popular due to their versatility! You can dress them up or down depending on what kind of outfit you have on. They also are easy to take off if needed such as for swimming or while eating.

There are many types of chokers that do not use a hook or clasp to fasten the necklace together.


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