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While there are many ways to describe jewelry, one of the most important is its influence. A person’s perception of you is determined mostly by your appearance, so if you spend money on flashy rings and earrings, people will assume that you like expensive jewelry.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because we’ve all seen it done before. We’ve all watched as someone with very little money buys a nice pair of headphones or a new smartphone and everyone talks about how much they love their gift.

It’s easy to get distracted when buying something for yourself or family members, but don’t forget about your friends! It’s not only good entertainment, it’s an excellent way to show off what you have planned for next Valentine’s Day or your birthday.

While you should never make a friend feel bad for not having a lot of money, there are some things that can be out-of-control spending habits. Luckily, there are several types of jewelry that can help prevent others from giving you too many compliments.

Who is the best designer?

w jewelry mark

Asking who is the greatest artist, musician, dancer, or whatever else, definitely has its place in this world! But asking about what kind of person is the great artist takes things one step further.

That question brings us to an important topic — how artists shape society. Artists inspire, motivate, and influence people through their work. Art moves people – it can make you feel good, bad, happy, angry, excited, and so much more.

Some say that art gives people inspiration to create their own works. Others believe that even though there are no direct lessons in your life, that what you see in art makes you want to imitate or improve upon those concepts.

We all have our favorite pieces of artwork at different times. This changing perception comes from individual differences in each person. No two individuals perceive art in the same way.

However, we can agree that there are some major players when it comes to artistic greatness. A few very talented artists consistently put out quality material that many others mimic or perfect.

Popular jewelry pieces

Many people have made their career off of creating new styles or types of jewelry that are now inescapable. While there was never really a moment when everyone had small, flashy rings with large stones, it is easy to fall into the mindset where larger more elaborate jewels are the way to go.

That is why I wanted to talk about some of my favorite jewelry trends for 2018. These will be different for each person depending on your style, but I hope you enjoy them!

1) Square Necklace

A square necklace comes down one side and then tapers off towards the other side. It can be between two points or just a single point all the way across. They are very classic looking and can pair well with any dress type clothing.

Square necklaces typically do not come with a closure. You have to put the hook onto a chain or link strap to make it work.

The best jewelry stores

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Speaking as someone who has done business with many high quality jewelry sellers, I have to say that there is one thing all of them have in common. They are dedicated to providing top-quality customer service.

They devote time to educating their customers about jewelry types, styles, and trends. Many will take the time to go over different products so you can find what matches your style or fit your budget.

Buying jewelry

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When buying new jewelry, make sure you are aware of the settings and terms for each piece. Settings include classic rings like engagement or wedding bands, cuff links, necklaces, and bracelets. Terms used to describe pieces include karats (the number of metals in the bracelet or necklace) and jewel colors.

I’d recommend doing some research before shopping so that you know what kind of quality each metal is, as well as how to identify fake jewels. While many people claim they can tell if something is real or not by looking at it, no one really knows all of the tricks.

Jewelry repair

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When your jewelry is no longer beautiful, you can sometimes do it yourself! Finding your perfect match for this article will depend on what kind of jewelry you wear and how experienced you are with jewelry making.

If you’re new to jewelry designing or even if you’re an advanced designer, there are many ways to fix broken pieces. Many people have video tutorials online that show you how to take off all decorations and then how to use a blow dryer to melt down the metal.

Once melted, you can shape and polish the piece to make it look like new. By doing this, however, you cannot restore the original luster and shine which some people want their jewelry to retain. This also may damage the setting or clasp of the piece, so be careful not to push too hard when heating up the metals.

There are several sites where you can find information and tips on how to fix most anything from bracelets to rings to earrings. Looking through videos and reading blogs and notes will help you learn the basics of fixing jewelry.

How to clean your jewelry

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When cleaning your jewelry, make sure you use the correct materials.

Using alcohol or chemical cleaners that contain chemicals such as ammonia, acetone, or hydrogen peroxide will only damage the metals used in the piece. These include gold, silver, platinum, and copper.

Using vinegar is also not ideal because it will eventually begin to dissolve the glue that some pieces are attached with. Using water is best when cleaning your jewelry.

When washing clothes using lukewarm water, the same goes for jewelry. Only wash them in warm water otherwise they may become stuck due to melted glues from being washed before.

Tips for shopping at a jewelry store

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When you go into a new jewelry store, there’s always one thing that gets people excited — diamond rings!

But before they show you any diamonds, you have to name their price. This is what most people call “the test” because it’s difficult to tell if a jeweler is really cheap unless you actually spend money.

So how can you know if a seller is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Simply compare his or her prices with those of other sellers in his or her field.

You see, every jeweler has a specialty area- something like engagement rings or wedding bands. And even though he may not necessarily deal with lots of diamonds, he probably knows about how much a 1 carat stone costs!

By comparing his pricing with those of similar items, you can get an idea of whether his words seem reasonable or if he’s being less than honest.

Selling jewelry

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When selling jewelry, your potential customer will want to know if you are looking to make a quick profit or if you have it as an investment. If you do not understand this concept, then you should look into buying some books or taking professional jewelry courses before trying to sell anything.

Selling gold is very different from selling diamonds or platinum. This is because most people think that all metals are worth the same. They are not!

This means there is no general rule for how much someone might be willing to pay for a ring, necklace, or bracelet. People will expect a metal item to be more expensive than something made out of plastic or stone.

Generalizations like this can sometimes be used in your favor when trying to buy or sell gold. Because people assume every piece is price according to its weight, they may be less careful about prices.

If you are looking to make a small income selling jewelry, then you will need to know what metals are popular and what colors go with other materials. These things can help determine the market value of your merchandise.


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