What Luxury Brands Are Cheaper In London

This is a guide about what luxury clothing brands are in London, UK. This guide covers selected style and fashion brands from London, including brands from the city itself, as well as those from other regions within the United Kingdom.

When trying to understand luxury fashion in London, it is important to understand that the luxury sector is really a whole new culture. The current class is born from the main popular fashion capitals of the world, that are: New York, Paris, Milan, etc.

And that does not mean that these cities are the only cities that can be considered as fashion capitals, because it is not really possible to compare and assess the true value of luxury fashion in these cities alone.

Besides that, these cities are special, for the reasons mentioned. In London, it has an even better reputation, and some people in the luxury retail market are searching for this, even now.

This is why the City of London, and its emerging shopping centers, are becoming the main destination for luxury fashion and retail in London. This is the reason that brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Ralph & Russo, etc. are choosing London as their main European location.

In order to find the best luxury clothing brands in London, it is best to first study the markets and look for the latest fashion trends. London has a long tradition of its textile and clothing industries.

Therefore, the upper-class people in London have very deep knowledge of these industries. This means that they are able to select the best luxury clothing brands.

Why are luxury clothing brands in London, UK, so expensive?Store Organization

The price tags on the brands on this list range from £10 up to over £100. This is because luxury brands have expensive production costs.

Each of the brands in our list had to pass through the same rigorous quality control process. These brands must produce their designs in such a way that they can sell them at a price point that makes sense.

The production of the products from these brands has to be highly technologically advanced. For example, each garment is hand made by highly skilled staff.

The quality control standards in these brands are very high, which is why you can feel confident in buying any of these brands.

One thing to remember is that it is unlikely that you can find cheaper luxury brands in London, UK. There simply aren’t many of them. You are likely to have to pay a premium for these brands, whether that is £10 or £100.

Let’s take a look at some of the best luxury clothing brands available in London, UK.

Edgardo B. Wilkinson

You don’t have to shop at Topman to shop at Edgardo B. Wilkinson. This brand sells super soft men’s suits at prices that won’t break the bank.

Each of the suits sold at the brand is made from a 100% silk fabric, and they feature six-button trousers and single-breasted jackets.

The brand does not cater to the super-flexible size of men, as its suits do come in fits ranging from two up to six-and-a-half. However, if you are in between sizes or prefer to get suits tailored, then they are definitely a brand to consider.


Bershka is a global fashion retailer, with stores in major shopping centers across Europe and the United Kingdom. It mainly sells casual clothes, such as leggings, T-shirts, and hoodies.

Luna Martluna mart fur clothing

Luna Mart is a global clothing retailer that sells clothing at department stores and in smaller, more specialized stores. The majority of the brand’s stores are located in South Korea.

Luna Mart sells both designer and fast-fashion brands.

The majority of its brand selection consists of men’s clothing, but the brand also sells items for women. What is especially interesting is the “Good For You” range, which is targeted at younger audiences.

This range sells products like sports shoes, workout gear, and even party wear.

These products can often be found at a discounted price. The “Good For You” range is available in stores in South Korea for as little as £20.

However, the most popular brand, Moonlight, can be found in stores for £140.

Moonlight is a brand that will appeal to those who like a casual look. It features both formal and informal clothing.

The casual collection features shorts and jeans, but the more formal range features blazers and polo shirts.

The entire Luna Mart range is available in stores and online in South Korea. However, it is not available in any of the stores across the United Kingdom.

The brand sells in South Korea at the Seoul Home Fashions Department Store. However, it can also be found at some department stores in Japan and China.

Moonlight is also available in the United Kingdom on the Lunar Clothing online store.

Moonlight is available for around £140.

GQ Men’s Clothing

GQ Men’s Clothing is a label that focuses on high quality menswear. The brand is headquartered in London. It mainly sells top-end fashion and casual clothing.

The GQ men’s clothing range is available for men and women. The brand is relatively new. It launched in 2015.

The casual clothes range is designed for both men and women. The relaxed style has a variety of classic men’s and women’s styles.

ConclusionFashion Female model posing for audience standing on the ramp

When looking for luxury clothing brands in London, it is also important to realize that this is a business, and not an investment. It is important to compare different brands, so that you can see the quality of the fashion that is being offered, and then decide which brands you want to purchase.

Luxury brands don't have to break the bank either. There are plenty of luxury brands, (such as this watch company) that offer luxury products at cheap prices.

To conclude, London is the European capital of fashion, and that means that it is a real luxury fashion market. If you are thinking about where to buy your new clothing, and that you want to buy luxury clothing that is not available in your own country, then London is the best place to be.


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