Where Is The Luxury Doomsday Bunker Located?

There are a lot of doomsday planners, but others who are curious about how the system works want to take a closer look. If you’re one of the curious ones, you’re in the right place.

This article will discuss where doomsday bunkers are typically located.

What is a luxury doomsday bunker?bunker entrance

Many people have heard of a nuclear bunker and are curious about what a luxury doomsday bunker looks like.

Here are some of the features you should be interested in when investing in a luxury doomsday bunker:

  • It is 80–100 square feet.
  • It has windows for ventilation.
  • It has luxurious bathrooms.

The concept of what a luxury doomsday bunker would consist of a key factor to consider. According to The Telegraph, the location should be isolated, easy to access, and able to accommodate a large number of residents.

A good location to choose would be in a mountain top or a small hill, as the concrete could be poured in the building without fear of contamination.

An underground bunker must be very well insulated, as fire could spread to the surface if the structure fails. Another necessity is that it must have an elevator as it would be difficult to carry a ton of gear through the complex.

Moreover, after the collapse of society, the luxury bunker would be well equipped to sustain up to a week without electricity or any other amenities. The top floor would be the main living area for the residents, while the lower levels would be reserved for the garbage, life support, and other functions.

A luxury doomsday bunker would cost a lot of money, but the necessities are very important and must be planned into the purchase. Even if it were not so expensive, it would still require a large amount of savings on an individual.

The world in winterEl Morro bunker

Where can you find yourself and your family in a large, safe shelter in case of a catastrophe? What if you could simply hunker down and enjoy the night as nature takes its course?

Think of it as a romantic trip to the outdoors with a view of the stars overhead.

The most popular retreat for getting away from everything is Antarctica. This desolate land is an excellent spot to spend a peaceful vacation.

From the snowy peaks of Vanda Glacier to the whale-filled waters of the Drake Passage, it is the ideal place for a relaxing getaway – or a doomsday bunker for that matter.

These are among the best spots to live in the event of the apocalypse. If you are willing to go to extreme lengths to save yourself and your family, why not?

One interesting place to be in the case of an apocalypse is a mountain village in South Africa. According to the UK Daily Mail, the village of Sempovett features a refuge called Nelson's Cottage.

The building was built in 1917 and was designed for four people to live in.

The house has a small cellar, an enclosed veranda, and many small storage spaces. It is located on a plateau in the northern part of South Africa.

It is protected from an attack by rifle fire.

The nuclear war fears may have subsided, but there is always the chance that one of the other destructive weapons could emerge. The best option for a family would be to gather and stockpile supplies for survival and just hope that nothing bad would happen.

What are the benefits of purchasing a luxury doomsday bunker?

They can be a source of protection

Most underground shelters are very expensive. Most cost thousands of dollars and require significant investment before they are truly ready to be used.

They are designed to protect an entire community and have a limited number of resources available for purchase.

Easy to build

Luxury doomsday bunkers are relatively easy to build and have fewer rooms than a nuclear bunker. This gives the buyer a lot more flexibility when choosing the rooms.

Monitored, maintained, and safe

Luxury doomsday bunkers are often monitored and maintained by government agencies, meaning the owners will not be responsible for their maintenance.

Is the investment worth it?Underground

When it comes to investing in a luxury doomsday bunker, the answer is usually: Yes. But, before you take the plunge, you need to ask yourself:

  • If the US and North Korea end up going to war, will it be enough to convince your family to leave the city?
  • Can you take out a loan and get a mortgage on a luxury doomsday bunker?
  • Is a luxury bunker cheaper than building a safer home?

Some people are already asking the questions above because it’s difficult to let other people believe your cause. You can present to them that even Russia is considering it as a backup plan!

Vladimir Putin's off-the-shelf doomsday plan

A report was released by The National Interest which details Russia's Nuclear Posture Review, which reveals that Russia is interested in acquiring underground nuclear bunkers capable of surviving a nuclear attack.

The report stated, "The plan will be for a single underground bunker complex to contain several nuclear weapons. Its construction was expected to start in the near future, but is presently still in an experimental stage."

Is there already a doomsday bunker present in the world?

Centrvitsa luxury bunker on Kirprianou island is one of the first private shelters on a group of islands off the coast of Greece. The luxury doomsday bunker is situated on a hill in the island that will have an underground entrance that has a base of about 100 square meters, but it has many rooms and a cafeteria.

This luxury bunker has a totally self-contained environment with electricity, heating and air conditioning, a flat panel TV, radio, refrigerators, toilets and a workshop with a lab. The living quarters are complete with four bedrooms and a bathroom.

The interior of the bunker has sliding panels that open the entrances to the living quarters and the workshop. There is a gallery that allows for full 360° view of the surroundings and a parking area for four cars.

According to former employees of the company, the bunker has a fireproof, watertight shell that will keep the structure intact even in the case of an earthquake. The bunker is accessible by submarine.

There is also a 4-meter-long tunnel, 150 meters long, which connects the bunker to the island of Alonissos. According to the former employees of the company, the tunnel is a carbon dioxide detector in order to protect the staff from carbon dioxide poisoning.

After an emergency the residents of the bunker will have time to collect their clothes and belongings in order to avoid panic. At least 6,000 can spend the night in the bunker at once.

There are also a number of hotels that cater to the ultra-rich. For example, according to Deloitte, the number of luxury hotels have doubled in the last 10 years and there is an expansion underway.

Luxury doomsday bunkers are real, and a lot of people have been investing on it over the years. If you want to see one in real life, visit Greece!


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