Where To Buy Used Luxury Bags – A Guide

This article will go over the best places to buy used luxury handbags. We'll go over where you can buy used luxury bags, and the best ways to shop for luxury bags. In this article, we'll cover how to buy, the rarest styles, and the best deals. In future articles, we'll cover the cons of buying used luxury bags, the most expensive luxury handbags, and much more.

I wish I could say that this is the most in-depth luxury bag buying guide, but I would be lying.

There are many guides out there that go in-depth about the best places to buy handbags, and what to look for when buying luxury bags.

However, there isn't a guide on the internet like this one, that goes into the details on what to look for, how to shop for luxury bags, and what some of the more rare bags out there look like.

With that in mind, this guide will go into those details, and then provide you with tons of handbag cons and prices. This handbag guide is 100% free, so head over to our handy guide to bag shopping.

The benefits of buying your bags used

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Buying a new luxury handbag is almost always out of your price range. The real problem is that when you do spend the money on a luxury handbag, you will probably get to keep it, and it will hold sentimental value.

But, you will almost always lose out on the resale value of your new handbag.

Buying used handbags can give you the best of both worlds:

They're in perfect condition, so you can sell them.

You can't resell them after you buy them.

When you buy used handbags, you are almost always keeping your new handbag. You can even sell it or give it away if you want to.

You can always try to sell them on eBay, but you need to watch out for counterfeit handbags, and that can be expensive if you buy used.

But, with all that said, buying a luxury handbag used can be a smart move, especially if you are unsure if you can buy a new one. It can give you the most bang for your buck.

Tip 1: Don't be afraid to shop around

First of all, if you're looking to buy used luxury bags, you have to understand that you'll probably have to shop around a lot to find a good deal.

Luxury bags are pretty much always sought after, and the good ones are often sold to well-to-do women in their 20s and 30s, who'll use the bags for maybe 5 years.

The worst thing you can do is to show up at the store ready to buy a $7,000 bag and hand over $10,000 for it.

Instead, shop around, and go to an online auction or some other website to try and find a used luxury bag that's worth at least half of what you paid.

Know how to ID bag condition

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The key is to know what condition it's in so that you can see what a good used handbag looks like.

It's much easier to appreciate a great handbag than to resist a perfectly good used bag because it looks like crap.

Another good tip is to find a close-out sale. If a luxury brand is going to discontinue a bag in the near future, it may put a bunch of them on sale in the near future. When this happens, the bags are often quite discounted, and you'll find some luxury bags that are being sold for under $500.

The good news: pricing

Because luxury handbags are often reserved for women who can afford expensive handbags, most used luxury handbags go for a fraction of their retail price. For example, the most expensive used bag we could find was a $7,000 Alexander Wang handbag.

While $7,000 is a great deal, remember that the bag is retailing for $7,000 because it's secondhand, and the original owner has probably already sold it. When you buy a used luxury bag for this price, you're getting a brand new handbag for half of the price.

Most secondhand luxury handbags will go for around half of their original price.

This makes sense considering the bag is used, so there's likely some wear and tear.

But even if you've bought the bag new and can't tell if it has any wear and tear, consider the fact that the original owner probably couldn't tell if the bag was in perfect condition either. If you buy the bag new, you're getting a great deal. If you buy the bag secondhand, you're still getting a great deal.

How much are you going to pay for a luxury handbag?

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Handbags are one of the most expensive accessories you can buy, and the good ones tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Given this fact, it's easy to assume that you should be able to buy a bag without breaking the bank, but many things come into play when you're buying luxury handbags. While there are some amazing deals to be found, it's important to consider the time and money you have to dedicate to owning a luxury handbag.

This is where luxury handbag prices come in. Luxury bags are very often purchased with money that is hard to come by, so if you have some money to burn, the price tag is worth it. For the vast majority of people, buying a luxury handbag is probably an investment, so you may want to do some research to figure out what handbag you'll really like to own.

Some high-end department stores offer used bags

The first place to shop for used luxury handbags is of course your local luxury department store. Here is a guide to purchasing new and used luxury handbags at retail stores.

Search auction sites

Second, you can check out online auction sites to see if anyone is selling their used handbags. You can sometimes get great deals on handbags from these sites. And, they are usually advertised by handbags that are still new looking and in perfect shape.

Book an auction

Lastly, you can also book an auction through your local luxury resale company. It will give you the chance to find out the bag's true price when you sign up for the auction.


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