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This week’s “X” is an easy one to recognize and some may even have it in their collection already! If you look hard, you can find this jewelry style all over the world and at very affordable prices. It has become popular once again due to its versatility as well as new trends that require large amounts of bling.

The term “bling” comes from the word “blasting” or “bombarding” which describes the way heavy metals such as gold and silver glisten when light hits them. That is what makes this type of jewelry so pretty!

With the rise in popularity of this jewelry style, many brands have designed pieces using different techniques and materials to add more sparkle than your average statement piece. Some use silicone instead of plastic, for example, and not every item needs to be studded with stones.

Overall, these are great additions to any collection if you love fashion and want to invest in some flashy accessories.

Important elements of jewelry

x jewelry mark

While there are many types of jewelry, some important things to consider are how expensive it is, what materials it is made out of, and what style it represents. For example, if you purchase clear stones such as diamonds or emeralds, they can be very expensive!

Throwing together some random jewels does not make them look elegant or cost effective. It is important to know which styles and materials work with your dress or wardrobe. Chunky metals like gold and silver are another good option to use in plain looking pieces.

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Cost of jewelry

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As we mentioned before, buying new jewelry is expensive! An easy way to keep up with your look is by investing in jewelry that you have or make yourself.

Making jewelry can be very affordable if you are not very artistic or do not like creating shapes. We suggest looking at YouTube videos on how to use simple gemstones as starting materials to create beautiful pieces.

Using recycled or vintage gems will also help reduce the cost of making new pieces. Many jewelers will accept leftover stones for custom work so there is no need to get rid of them!

Sell what you don’t wear…

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Also, why not start your own jewelry collection? There are many great resources available online where you can find information about different types of jewelry (metal, stone, design) and how to purchase them.

How to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone

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When it comes to choosing jewelry that looks best on you, there are two main things to consider: color and design.

Color is a very important part of fashion. It can be described as the expression or livery of the body. For example, people who love red will always look fashionable in heavy amounts of rutile (red) jeweled clothing or accessories. On the other hand, those who adore greens will constantly coordinate their wardrobe with emeralds and turquoise.

As we know, healthy skins have a natural balance of oils and dry cells that make up the layer of the skin. Some individuals’ skin is naturally more oilier than others’, which makes them darker overall. This is because they have higher levels of melanin, the pigment that gives most humans our protective tanning ability.

For these individuals, using white, cream-colored, or lighter colored jewellery may not show off their beautiful undertones to their skin well. Because dark colors such as black, brown, or richly pigmented shades like blues and purples compliment this natural layer of fat on the surface of the skin, thus bringing out the darkness underneath.

Likewise, individuals with light complexion suffer from the opposite problem; their skin is relatively thin and bright, leaving little exposure to the sun for radiant health.

How to choose the right jewelry for your hair color

x jewelry mark

When investing in jewelry for darker haired colors, there are two important things to consider. The first is how much light you want to wash out of your hairstyle or conceal under a hat.

If going lighter than natural state, then very bright metals like gold and platinum are better choices. If hiding under a cap, then slightly less flashy, neutral tones are best.

The second thing to look into is whether or not the piece will match other pieces in tone or color.

How to choose the right jewelry for your clothes

x jewelry mark

When it comes down to choosing the best look, there are several things that matter. They all have something in common though – what kind of look you want to achieve!

This is why it’s so important to know how to choose jewelry for your clothes. Different styles call for different types of jewelry.

For example, if you like classic looks, then investing in some good stud earrings or cuff links will give your look that timeless appeal. Or maybe someone else has already done this, but very cool looking necklaces can add some interest to your look.

When buying new jewelry, make sure to try it on! We cannot tell whether an item is true size unless we test fit ourselves or go shopping with them before purchasing.

Popular jewelry pieces

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Recent popular jewelry trends include incorporating more bold, in-your-face designs into your look. Technically not considered fashion jewelry, these types of pieces are growing in popularity due to their striking appeal.

Many people have coined them as “blingtastic” or “noisy jewelry.” They can be made out of almost anything – metals such as silver, gold, and platinum; stones like diamonds, emeralds, and ruby studded jewels; and mixed materials like leather or plastic trays that hold nothing but glitz!

These styles are very richly detailed and sometimes even reminiscent of art or nature. People who enjoy this style of jewelry admire how much attention it draws, making it an interesting conversation piece. Some find it flashy and fun, while others think it is over-the-top and unnecessary.

What is important when investing in jewelry is finding something that you will love and keep for a long time. If there ever was a time to spend money on new jewelry, now would probably make the best sense. With so many beautiful options at affordable prices, you never know what you might find yourself doing with it.

Buying tips

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When it comes to buying jewelry, there are several important things that you should know before investing in anything. These days, most jewelers will tell you how expensive their product is, but they may not be telling you everything about the piece.

Mostly, this is due to two reasons. First, many sellers add materials or production costs to make their item seem more appealing. Second, some sellers may not want you to feel too good about yourself, so they might lower what they say the price is.

Either way, these additional expenses can really add up!

Fortunately for all of you budget-conscious shoppers, we have gathered some helpful information about jewelry lingo, prices, and ways to determine if the price is fair. Read on to learn all of our favorite tricks.

Selling tips

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As mentioned earlier, your jewelry is a form of advertising! If you love what you make, then why not advertise for yourself?

Selling quality jewelry can be tricky, but there are some simple rules that will help you soar.

Understand how to value your merchandise – An easy way to start selling jewelry is by understanding how much it costs at its source. This way, you’ll know whether or not your item is worth more than it would cost new, or if it is too cheap.

Don’t overprice your items. People will notice when you undervalue your pieces, which could hurt your sales. On the other hand, people may feel overwhelmed because they cannot afford your product.

Keep up-to-date with jewelry trends. What looks good now might not in three months time. Keep an eye out for changes and experiment with different styles to learn from others’ mistakes!

Avoid buying during sale season (December through February). Many stores use these seasons to get rid of all their leftover merchandise. By having a high supply of inventory, it makes it easier to lower prices.


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